Easy Lobster Tail Dinner Recipe

It’s time to share another one of my yummy recipes!
Actually, today is more of a recipe review, since I haven’t
had to tweak or change anything to the original recipe I found using small
lobster tails. But all the same, it is yummy and easy to do meal, so make sure
to pin this. You never know when you made need to make an impressive looking
I followed this
I found on Cooking in HD for steakhouse style broiled lobster tail.
There is text, but also a fantastic video to follow as well.

It’s worth noting, that I didn’t go out and specifically buy
lobster for any sort of special occasion, it just so happened it was on super
sale at my local grocery store, and I figured why not try something new! I also
didn’t bother to clarify my butter, it’s just not that serious of a meal.

Here is a picture of my lobster tails fresh out of the oven:

Overall, this recipe was very easy to do, and
pretty basic. I served it over seasoned broccoli with a touch of olive oil. You
could easily add a smaller steak with it and make it a more filling meal, but
for us, it was a good lite dinner, especially considering it was my first time
preparing lobster 

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