Easy and CHEAP Sparkly Wreath for Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow starts MARCH! Can you believe it? I know some of
you were dealing with incredible blizzards and snow, but here in Florida, we
nearly hit 90 degrees one day! I can’t imagine what type of hot hell is in
store for us this summer….
And since I consider March the official start of spring, I leave
all of my Valentine’s Day heart goodies out all through February. Why not? It
seems silly to only have them up for a week or so! 
This is the wreath I made this year, which was ridiculously cheap
and easy to make:
Easy and CHEAP Sparkly Wreath for Valentine’s Day

The wreath and wire heart garlands, both from the dollar
store. $3
I spray painted it silver with paint I had.  $0
The glitter, twirling hearts were from Michael’s.  $1.50 with coupon/sale
Clear fishing line to suspend the hearts, on hand. $0
Ribbon, also at Michael’s on sale or coupon.  $2 with coupon/sale
Easy and CHEAP Sparkly Wreath for Valentine’s Day

I have PLENTY of left over ribbon for next year, and the
best part is, this wreath is super easy to store if I so choose. I tied to bow
on so it’s somewhat easy to attach, so when I’m packing it up,  I can store it easier.
I’m already starting to think of Easter and spring décor ideas,
how about you?

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