DIY Wisteria Tree Photo Backdrop Inspired by Bridgerton

Sometimes I’m just so excited about whatever I’ve just made I forget other things I was meaning to do. And that’s what happened the other day after I shared my new reading nook, inspired by the Bridgerton series on Netflix.

The post was live, video tutorial was uploaded, and I realized an important fact: I had meant to highlight the opportunity for this design to double as a super unique photo backdrop, with plush wisteria flowers and flattering warm lighting.

DIY Wisteria Tree Photo Backdrop Inspired by the Bridgerton Series

See, while I finished my area off with a comfy vintage chair and little storage ottoman, had I just left this area almost as it is, you could have a really nice photo spot or backdrop for any spring get together.

DIY Wisteria Tree Photo Backdrop Inspired by the Bridgerton Series

Now in the tutorial video you may have noticed I used a shaggy blue rug to hid the bars, as well as add some darker colors to the floor/bottom of the design so there wasn’t as much contrast. If you were recreating this look as a photo backdrop or statement wall, I would still suggest adding a dark rug to the bottom if you have a lighter carpet or flooring like me. If you were feeling extra zealous, I would go so far as to say paint or make covers for the bottom bars so they are more neutral. You could achieve this by simply wrapping a darker fabric around the bottom and gathering it up.

Another option would be to add some low columns with urns in front of the more forward facing support bars. Especially if you had them filled with white roses and greenery, just like the scene in the series. You can see a glimpse of the arrangements in the photo below.

DIY Wisteria Tree Photo Backdrop Inspired by the Bridgerton Series

I’ve seen some really fun wisteria backdrops that were pretty, but simple, in some of the online groups of fans creating their own Regency era gowns. The costumes in this show are inspiration in and of themselves, but I think having a cute little Bridgerton area is arguably more fun. I’d argue this project is a lot less work then making a gown!

Could you imagine sitting in this reading nook, or posing for pictures, while wearing a big fancy dress like they do in the series? Or what about sitting in this wisteria tree nook, wearing a beautiful gown, reading the series?

Mind. Blown.

Check out how easy it is to make this project:

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