DIY Glitter Wedge Heels!

Hello Darlings!
As promised, I am sharing with you today my lovely new pair of glitter wedge sandals done by yours truly! I bought the original shoes from Ross, so you know they were pretty cheap, but got an EXTRA discount because they had some sort of scuff/scratch/not really sure. So I got them for around $13. Check out my before and after:

I bought them because I love wedge shoes, but also because I really liked the shimmery straps on them. Normally, I would love the bottom print, it is very my style. But right now in my closet, I don’t have a lot of things I could wear these shoes with. Also, I don’t know that the print on the wedge part REALLY matches the straps. Maybe it is just not my style, who knows. Here is what they look like originally:

Anyways, I had stocked up on the $1 glitter tubes at Michael’s not too long ago. And let me say this, if you EVER plan on doing ANYTHING with glitter in the shades of bronze, black, gold or silver, stop reading this, and go to Michael’s and buy every tube they have! Seriously, go do it. They are in the “value” section, and are .6 oz of fine glitter. I love them! I used about a tube and a half on this project! No complaints there!
All I did was get some good old fashioned white glue, mixed in some glitter, and applied it to the shoe’s wedge, then sprinkled on some glitter! I did the best I could to cover all of the fabric part. Is it perfect? No, but I doubt anyone will really be able to tell all the little details with all that glitter going on! Once the glue and glitter have dried overnight, tap off any extra glitter and reapply if needed in some areas. Do a thorough coating of CLEAR GLOSS spray paint ONLY over the glitter section. Let it dry completely. Tap again and check for extra loose glitter coming off. If any comes off, coat again with a glossy clear spray paint. It has worked out marvelous for me, and I don’t leave a trail of glitter wherever I walk!
What do you think of the transformation?
The Sparkle Queen

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