DIY Galaxy Tank Top {with a hidden Doctor Who TARDIS}

Man, I was all *YAY still so excited about the Doctor Who
anniversary special in November
* when I started writing this post. But THEN I remembered that Matt
Smith WASN’T going to be the Doctor anymore. At least not after the end of this
year. Oh, what a sad day. I’ll be honest; I wasn’t his biggest fan at first. He had
monumental footsteps to fill. But I came around to him, and found him to be just
hilarious and funny and inspiring. Whatever he is off to next in life, I wish
him well.
Anyways, back to the post at hand here. I decided to try my
hand at creating a galaxy tank top! Here are some shots of it
(action shots coming soon I hope!):

And you can see how I have the galaxy wrapping around towards the back a little here:

But wait for it- I hid a little itty bitty TARDIS on the
back. I’d say it’s not particularly noticeable, unless you knew to look for it.
Can you see it yet?


How about now?

This project was surprisingly easy to do, just time
consuming! Dry and washing times seem to take FOREVER, but what’s a girl to do?
I just used a cheap cotton tank top from Wal-Mart, some acrylics I had on hand,
and a spray bottle for the bleach application. Really, not that terrible of a
supply list if you ask me. Extra bonus: so far, it washes really well, so I
really can’t complain.

I love it, and can’t wait to see the 50th Anniversary episode! What are your thoughts on the end of the eleventh Doctor? And what
do you think of my latest DIY project? Let me know below!

****UPDATE**** You can now check out a tutorial for this project on THIS POST! Check it out! 

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