Dark + Mysterious Glitter Gradient – March #HePicksMyPolish Nail Art Challenge

There is something so mischievous about this look – and I LOVE IT!
I can’t put my finger directly on it, but I get such an
evil, WATCH OUT – danger ahead, type
of vibe when I look at this mani. Do you?
This is my first look for the March #HePicksMyPolish
challenge. The March challenge is going on the 23rd-29th,
and during this time we will be linking up all of our looks in the blog hop and
sharing our experiences with you.
So my Mr. did a blind pick of my polishes, and he picked out
two sets of three polishes for me to work with. This was the first set:
  • Revlon – #919 “Black Lingerie” (black)
  • ORLY – #40478 “Mermaid Tale” (green glitter)
  • Sinful Colors – #1102 “Kissy” (dark blue glitter)

Not the worst combination ever. There’s glitter and black, I
could make that work!
I applied two coats of the black, followed by a gradient of
the Sinful Colors “Kissy”. “Kissy” is more of a jelly polish, so it worked out
fairly well for gradient purposes. I did layer it up a bit towards the tips of
the nails because I really wanted a heavier glitter presence there.
The last touch was the “Mermaid Tale” glitter on the tips. I
knew that the bright glitter was going to be perfect on top! On it went, like a
For those of you who are new to the #HePicksMyPolish
challenge, these infographics tell you everything you need to know:

If you’d like to participate in future #HePicksMyPolish
challenges, I invite you to join our Facebook group
to get all of the details.
Make sure to check out all of the March #HePicksMyPolish
looks created:
What would you have done with these polishes?

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