Custom Order: Black and Gold Rhinestone Heels Sparkle Glitter Shoes

Hello Darlings!
If you don’t like sparkly, super glitter shoes, this post may not be for you!
Rhinestone and glitter sexy shoes!
Check out these gorgeous shoes I made for a recent custom
Rhinestone and glitter sexy shoes!
I was provided the gold glitter shoes, the rest was hand
painted and decorated by me!
Rhinestone and glitter sexy shoes!
The backs and soles of the shoes are covered in a super
glitter black paint, with a clear coat of protective finishing over it to help
preserve it as long as possible.
Rhinestone and glitter sexy shoes!

Rhinestone and glitter sexy shoes!
Each black rhinestone is hand placed and fitted to its
perfect spot and is adhered securely.
I wish I could get the full effect of the sun in these photographs. When she was trying them on, they looked INSANELY sparkly. Like, to the extent she could probably blind someone temporarily if she stood in the right spot and the sun hit on JUST the right angle. It’s awesome.
Obviously, these are not your everyday shoes and I told my
client to be careful when wearing them (no hiking or anything like that), but they are for a special occasion
anyways, so they won’t get worn TOO much!
What do you think of these shoes? Like the finished look?
Let me know if you’d like me to make you up a pair! I’d be
happy to!
The Sparkle Queen

PS – if you would like your own pair made, CLICK HERE to go to my shop on Etsy. From there you can message me or hit the “request custom order” button on the left. I look forward to hearing what you have in mind! The sky is the limit!

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