Could this be my new favorite brand?….Kleancolor!

Hello Darlings!

Kleancolor chunky
holo bluebell

I bought a fantastic set of Kleancolor polishes recently,
and have been waiting to use this polish called “chunky holo bluebell” (#235).  Now, I should note that the one I got looks
NOTHING like their site stock photo of the polish. Mine is not nearly that blue
by any means. In fact, it has more green to it.

Kleancolor chunky holo bluebell

Anyways, I had a dark blue-green polish that got used as the
base coat, followed by two coats of the Kleancolor “chunky holo bluebell.

Kleancolor chunky holo bluebell

I tried taking pictures in various light settings, but I can’t seem to caption the gorgeous shine and effect of this polish!

Kleancolor chunky holo bluebell

I’d love to get my hands on some of their other chunky
polishes, but I gotta use the handful I have first! I love that they have a
super diverse collection, and a LOT of it has some sort of glitter, chunky
glitter, or shimmer to it. Don’t get me wrong, OPI has a great formula, but
their range of polishes is pretty limited in my opinion.

Kleancolor chunky holo bluebell

What do you think of this polish? Have you tried any of the
Kleancolor polishes?

Kleancolor chunky holo bluebell

The Sparkle Queen 

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