Continuing My Paleo Life: 2014

Today’s post is a little different. We are going to get a
little personal.  A little more intimate. This is going to be a part update and part “what’s
to come” post.
Those of you who have been following my recipe shares over
the last year or so know, well there just weren’t that many of them. I had
touched briefly on it before, but let me recap for everyone:
Over the last year and
a half or so, I went Primal (a variation of Paleo) in suspicion of some allergy
or intolerance to wheat or grains. Little did I know when I started, that I had
more than just an intolerance of some of those foods.  I had
a full blown allergy
. And not just to wheat. Gluten is not safe for me to
eat, and as of recently, I can confirm that I can no longer eat dairy without
some fairly serious complications. So for all intents and purposes: I’m Paleo.

I can go into serious depth of how we figured out what allergies
I had, but that’s a whole other post! If you are interested, let me know, I’d
be happy to share my journey with you.
Also, just for clarification purposes:  The major difference between Paleo and Primal (food
wise) is that Primal is dairy friendly, and Paleo is not. There is some debate
for others about wine, but there is no way I’m giving that up, so I tune out
all the other chats about it. Yes, there are some other differences between the
two, but for the most part, those are the “key” differences.
For those of you wondering, here is a basic Paleo food pyramid:
Needless to say, with the allergies I’ve got, eating out is
not as easy as it once was. Getting dinner together is not exactly something I
can just whip up in a hurry. I’d say pretty much every meal, of every day; I cook and prepare everything from scratch.
I stay away from the processed-to-insanity “gluten free” breads and substitutes.
They are almost worse than what they are replacing.  
So why am I telling
you all this?
Well at one point, I was sharing recipe finds with you fairly
often. Sure, mostly dessert (who doesn’t love a good cookie?) but often yummy
recipes I tried and loved! And there hasn’t been too much of that lately. I’ve
been hunting, and trying to find awesome recipes, but then after a few months,
with other allergies surfacing, it was sometimes like starting from scratch.
But now I think things are stabling out for me finally, and
I am going get back into sharing some recipes with you in the coming weeks.  The recipes I’m sharing, however, will not
be for everyone
Now hold on, stay with me!
They will be for the Paleo community, or those going Paleo.
They are all healthy, at least in my eyes. The main thing to know, especially
with the desserts, is that the sugar content is VERY LOW. Extremely low for
those who are still on a normal American diet. 
Paleo is all for low sugar, so over time my body (and I think most in
the Paleo community) has changed and adapted taste buds. So what is sweet for me, may be BORDERLINE sweet for you.
!  You never
know what might strike your fancy. Plus, with things like chocolate for
example: I may say use a 90% dark bar in a recipe, if you know you have a sweet
tooth and aren’t Paleo, go ahead and use a 60% chocolate bar. You can’t really
go wrong with chocolate. Try new things,
experiment, have fun
Having said ALL of that, 
I’ve got recipes I want to share with you! I’ll be starting to share
those soon, so ….

Make sure
you are subscribed one way or another, because the recipe sharing is going to
begin soon, and you aren’t going to want to miss out!

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  1. This is so interesting!!! I've been eating paleo since the summer, for over 8 months now! For me this also excludes wheat, and also dairy and sugar completely. I've always had problems with sugar and dairy so those were the first things to go. I just had no idea that my health problems could be mostly solved by eating better. I used to hate veggies and skip them every day, and now I'm eating over 200 grams per day (yes I'm Dutch, we measure in grams and kilos and more of that silly metric stuff). I used to avoid fruit and now I eat two helpings a day. There's a lot that has been scratched from my diet and when I call it a diet, people look at me funny because I'm thin as a stick, but it's helped me to gain 5 kilos and finally I'm not underweight anymore!!! I'm slowly getting back my energy (the burn out didn't help much either) and feeling better than I did, say, a year ago. So feel free to tell me everything about your diet! I'd love to know what solutions you have found for the no wheat portion of your diet, and how you're able to keep it up despite people offering 'sinful foods' everywhere!

    1. Oh yay! SO glad there are other's who are into the Paleo lifestyle. Go you for sticking to it! I often wonder if I would be able to keep it up if I didn't HAVE to you know? Like if I didn't have an allergy, would I still be able to do it? I'm glad you've had some positive changes in your health! That is so good 🙂 What other sites do you use as references for paleo recipes? I love Marks Daily Apple (though they use dairy sometimes) and Nom Nom Paleo!

  2. I am so happy to read this! Many people can't fathom the idea of giving up grains and it's very unfortunate because I was one for thirty five years. I only started eating a ketogenic diet in November and one week in, the differences in my sleep and energy levels were incredible. What happened was I injured my knee skating in August and by November, I had gained 20 lbs from the reduction in activity, and I was already feeling so hungry all the time! That motivated me to look into making dietary changes and went with keto, my body responded phenomenally well to the elimination of grains, processed sugars and starches. As of two weeks ago though I am technically primal (Thanks for clarifying!) because I started training again so right now I am experimenting with "carbing up" before practice, so far I have had a serving of sweet potatoes twice a week but Tuesday I am going to try having some honey, so I am looking forward to that too, we'll see how I feel next weekend! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank YOU for sharing! I love hearing other Paleo (or Primal) success stories! I'm so glad you are responding so well to it! That is incredible! Did you end up going "all in" when you started? If you are still eating dairy, you will probably LOVE some of the recipes on Marks Daily Apple. They have a ton of great ideas to pull from if nothing else. What are you planning on doing for your carbing up? I'm curious to know, I've not done much of that (not really training for anything at the moment). You'll have to share with us, I'd love to know!

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