Container Gardening – Apartment Edition

I am super happy to present my awesome garlic growing containers:

Figure out what they are in yet? They are old grated cheese containers (the taller ones) with some rocks in the bottom for drainage purposes. So far so good. Where I live, the heat and humidity levels make me slightly nervous to grow them, but I think it will be worth it!.

Some of my recent containers include baby tomato plants, with support from Tinkerbelle wings. The water catch underneath the pot is actually an old cd container cover upside down!

I can’t wait for my jack-be-little pumpkins to start growing. I heard for apartments and containers that these do very well. We’ll see.

Anyone know what to do with all this aloe? I don’t think you can stem it off into smaller plants, and I don’t know anyone who is sunburnt!
Look how big it is! I don’t know what to do with all this aloe! Any idea what to do with it?

Let me know what you think of my container gardening!

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  1. You can stem aloe off into new plants. It is quite resilient and will reproduce easily. When I moved from one home (where I had aloe plants) I took one aloe stem and planted it in my new yard. I ended up with a plethora of aloe in my new yard within a few short years.

  2. you can also make a deep cleaning-conditoner type mask for your hair. ive read the aloe makes it grow like crazy!

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