Color Club Halo Hues 2012 Collection

I finally got the complete collection! Iā€™ll keep this short,
since I know pics are far more fun for these lovely polishes. 6 polishes make
up this collection, so the 5 tinted each got a finger on one hand, and the
other hand got all of the dazzling silver holo!
Working from pinky finger to thumb, each finer has 2 coats:
Color Club 2012 Halo Hues – 
#977 Could Nine
Color Club 2012 Halo Hues –  #978 Halo-Graphic
Color Club 2012 Halo Hues – #979 Blue Heaven
Color Club 2012 Halo Hues – #980 Cherubic
Color Club 2012 Halo Hues – #981 Angel Kiss

And on my other hand, all of the fingers got 2 coats of :
Color Club 2012 Halo Hues – #976 Harp On It

You can really see the brilliance of these polishes in bright lighting, and can REALLY see it when the flash is on.

I’m really loving these holographic polishes! What are some of your favorite nail polish designs you’ve seen that use holographic nail polish?

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  1. There all so holographic and awesome! These polishes are on my wishlist!! šŸ˜€ I really need to pick them up. I don't own much holographic polishes too.

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