Christmas Nail Art Inspiration

Can you believe Christmas is literally just a few weeks
Truthfully, I am kind of bummed that it is! I’ve got my tree
– mostly up…but I have yet to have a moment to actually sit down and do a full
on Christmas manicure. Ugh, I know, it’s horrible. But what I have had time to do was pin LOTS of
inspirational nails for Christmas.
If you’ve been following me on Pinterest, forgive me for
preaching to the choir. Last time I checked my “Christmas
and Winter Nail Art
” board had well over 700 pins in that category. Crazy
So if you need any inspiration…

Look no further than this
I’ve been adding to it on an almost daily basis, so you
should be seeing plenty of ideas to get you started.
Also, if you are new to the blog since last year, make sure
you’ve checked out this
that I put together, rounding up some of my favorite Christmas nail

Make sure to stop back on Thursday, for week two of the Best
Of: Nail Art
series! Anyone who can link to a picture is welcome to join
in, so make sure you are subscribed so you can get the alerts to when the link
up is open!

Hopefully I’ll have some Christmas-y nails to share with you

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