Choosing the Best Pins for Your Bouquet {DIY Rhinestone Wedding Brooch Bouquet}

This post is outdated – there is a new step by step video tutorial available now. Check out this post to see it.

Hello ladies!

I have recently uploaded another video for those of you thinking about making your own wedding brooch bouquets. This video is all about choosing the RIGHT pins, which will make your whole process a lot easier. I’ve got several tips and tricks, as well as some examples of what to look for.  You can watch it here:

Originally, I had shared my brooch bouquet that I made for my wedding in this post, featuring a glimpse of my wedding.

But then, after lots of requests for more information, I shared this post (and video!). That video I HIGHLY recommend watching first. I go over the basics of what I did and what materials I used. You can watch it here:

And read the blog post here.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, I’ve got another video in the series coming out soon that will be going over what I did as the base of my bouquet in more detail.


    1. Hi Shevy – that's difficult to say. I started collecting pins and jewelry months in advanced. Some was from local thrift shops, others garage sales, and a fair amount on Ebay. There is plenty of vintage costume jewelry to get, but if time is on your site, lots of the Ebay sellers from China have some great options and are usually fairly cheap. Hope that helps get you started!

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