Chocolate Easter Bunnies – March #HePicksMyPolish Nail Art Challenge

Hippity- Hoppity -Easter’s on its way…..
And I’m so excited!

Actually – that’s not true, I’m not super into Easter or
anything, but this year I FINALLY have some ideas in mind for what I think will
be some super cute nail art that I hope to make. In the past I’m always fairly
uninspired, but I’ve got a few ideas brewing that I hope I can pull off for
this year.

This is the second look I’ve created for the March
#HePicksMyPolish challenge. The March challenge is going on the 23rd-29th,
and during this time we will be linking up all of our looks in the blog hop and
sharing our experiences with you.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been trying to get better
at my freehand nail art skills this year, so when I got this second set of
polishes for the March #HePicksMyPolish challenge, I knew I was going to have
to try some free hand SOMETHING.

These are the colors my Mr. picked for me:

  • Wet n Wild – #414A “Red Red” (which I wouldn’t quite call
    red, but moving on…)
  • Nicole by O.P.I – “Promises in the Dark” (which is a chocolaty
    brown you
    can see here
  • Sinful Colors – #1103 “Island Coral” (the light pink/coral)

At first I was a little bummed…. I have probably a 2 to 1
ratio of glitter/shimmer polishes to just creams, what are the odds I would get
3 crème polishes? After some thinking and some pondering, I finally decided to
challenge myself to paint some cute chocolate Easter bunnies.

With “Island Coral” as the base, and “Promises in the Dark”
making up the chocolate bunnies, I had to figure out something to do with “Red
Red”. What to do, what to do….

And then I had a
double moment: it was both an OPPSY and AH HA moment at the same time. Or, as
Bob Ross would say, “a happy little accident.”

A quick and swift accidental swipe of my brush, and I had
left a wonky chocolate colored link out of my bunny’s neck.

Thankfully, I immediately thought it looked like a scarf or
bow, and decided to paint over it with “Red Red”. Now all of my bunnies have
cute little scarves for Easter.  Even bunnies
gotta look good!

I love this bunny with his floppy ear!

For those of you who are new to the #HePicksMyPolish
challenge, these infographics tell you everything you need to know:

If you’d like to participate in future #HePicksMyPolish
challenges, I invite you to join our Facebook group
to get all of the details.
Make sure to check out all of the March #HePicksMyPolish
looks created:

What would you have done with these polishes?

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  1. hahah Well, I think not many people are into Easter. I for one am into your mani <3
    The bunnies are so cute and I'm craving for chocolate bunnies now *__*

    1. I shall consider a massive victory if someone who actually gets to hang out with adorable bunnies in real life says that mine are cute! That is too sweet of you Charlie, you've made my day <3

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