Broccoli (with garlic, mozzarella and pepperoni) Pizza! Mmmm Good!

Hello Darlings,
As part of my baking spree from the other day, I tried a great new recipe that I came up with pretty much on my own. It is for a delicious broccoli pizza! I had come across a pin on my Pinterest and felt like it would be a great new thing to try, only to find out that the link was just to a picture and there was no recipe.

A few google searches later, and I decided just to wing it, as long as I have the basis down for a crust. Fortunately, I had found this recipe for a crust (which was highly recommended) from that I had just used not too long ago, and was great!

I have included pictures as I went along my creating because I am a visual person, so visual aid always helps me! I hope it helps you!

Broccoli (with garlic, mozzarella and pepperoni) Pizza:

First things first, make your crust! See my link to this recipe I love!

You will need:
·         Olive oil
·         1-2 broccoli heads washed and cut up
·         Several cloves of garlic
·         Garlic Powder
·         Ground Pepper
·         Fresh and/or dried Basil
·         Fresh and/or dried Parsley
·         Fresh and/or dried Rosemary
·         A pepperoni stick cut (depends on the size of the pizza) cut how you like it
·         Shredded mozzarella cheese

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees.

Your dough should be ready to go, so sprinkle some flour onto whatever surface it is you are baking the pizza on.

We don’t have a pizza stone, so I just used a baking sheet because I was out of tin-foil! Use whatever you have!

Arrange your dough as you like it, and with a spoon, put a light layer of olive oil on the top and on the edges.

Next step: add some garlic! Use precut or fresh cut, a good amount is needed since it is kind of a large surface area. Besides, who doesn’t love garlic?!

******This next step is crucial I think. Some people want their cheese on the bottom, with the additional toppings added after. I prefer to have a little more “crunchy” toppings so I do things in a slightly reverse order for a nice crisp top.*******

Next up, add the pepperoni and broccoli florets. I follow this up with adding some basic seasonings. Make sure to use flavors YOU like! Experiment!

This is what I used:

This is what it should be looking like:

Add your cheese next!

Cook for about 15 -20 minutes or until down how you like it! Like I said, I like my things a little more crispy, so I left it in about 20 minutes. Since this isn’t a traditional pizza, I figured it deserved its own special cutting! Squares it is!
Next step: Enjoy!!

I really do love this and it was just so aromatic and something you don’t have every day. I think you will like it a lot, and I hope you try it! Let me know if you do!!!


The Sparkle Queen

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