(Bob Ross Inspired) DIY – Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

Happy New Year everyone!
Part of my DIY Christmas Ornament making project of 2011 involved making these lovely, hand painted – Bob Ross inspired, winter tree ornaments. Basic shatterproof clear ornaments and some acrylic paint were all that were really used in the making of these ornaments.  To take them a little further, I filled them with more of the Styrofoam painted vase beads, and decorated the outside of some with lavender Epsom salts for texture and to keep the bugs out!
I broke the process down into a few steps:
  • Paint the snow base first, let dry. Repeat if more coats necessary.
  • Paint the first layer of the trees, you will need to go back to re-layer the paint.
  • Repeat layers letting dry completely in between. I used old jars from tomato sauce or jelly to let the ornaments dry on.
  • Use dotting tool to add falling snow. Let dry. (I used my DIY Dotting Tool I made for doing my nail, just switched out the pin!)
  • Apply clear gloss spray paint coating to finished ornament to seal in the painting.
  • Fill with desired fillers.

For some of the hand painted ornaments, here are some of the process pictures I took along the way:
And for the ornament with the Epsom salts, here are a few additional shots:
I am very proud of these ornaments, making them myself was so much fun, and really look nice on the tree. I will be posting more DIY ornaments I made this year soon!
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