Blue and Silver Crackle Nails

Hello Darlings!
I wouldn’t say that I am super active in the nail art scene, or the best with following the latest and greatest make up whatever’s, but I do know who a few key players are. One of them, who I love following, is Makeup Geek. This girl always has the coolest tutorials, sample reviews, etc. out there! I noticed she has little mini challenges that are posted on her forums. If you want to know more of what I’m talking about click here:
Anyways, this week’s challenge was a blue, silver and white makeup combination. As I didn’t really DO the challenge in it natural state of makeup, I thought I would try it out on some of the new products I bought in a serious after-Christmas sale at Sally’s.
I used China Glaze “Frostbite” as a nice rich blue background on my nails (quite a SMELLY polish by the way, and that’s saying something!) with an overcoat of Finger Paints Silver Crackle polish. I know it probably sounds stupid, but as my first official “crackle” polish, I just had too much fun watching it separate! My original plan was to just do a “feature nail” on each hand, but obviously that didn’t last long. Anyways, on with the pictures!
Blue and Silver Crackle Nails 
Blue and Silver Crackle Nails

Blue and Silver Crackle Nails

Blue and Silver Crackle Nails
I’ve also included a short video of the crackle in the works! It’s amazing what the changes are like in less than a minute!
The Sparkle Queen

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