Blue and Gold Nail Art Glitter Gradient Video Tutorial

Hi everyone!
Don’t worry, I’m still around. I”m trying to keep it simple and light here on the blog over the summer. I’ll be posting probably 1-2 times a week, and mostly tutorials for now.
Some of my time is going into designing events and weddings inspiration boards over on Unique Pastiche Events, but most of my time ( and nails ! ) are going into making and creating things for my fall wedding. It seems like every time I do my nails, they get utterly destroyed when I start working on some of those projects, so I figured I should just wait a little in between manicures. 
I’ve been asked several times for a tutorial on how I made these nails last year:
So here it is! Simple and glittery, what more could you as for?

I love these nails!

What type of tutorial would you like to see most from me?

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