Better After Dark – by Nicole by OPI {+Giveaway}

Hello again lovelies!

Today is part two of my swatches and reviews of the two
polishes that Nicole by OPI sent me. If you missed part one, “Promises In The Dark”, you can check
it out

And if you haven’t heard yet, well you are missing out!
There are currently TWO contests
going on right now.  One on the Discover Your Dark Side in the New Year” sweepstakes Facebook, page, and the
other is RIGHT HERE. DOVE Chocolates and Nicole by OPI are teaming up on
Facebook and helping you find your “dark side” in 2014. You can enter their
sweepstakes daily.

To help get the
word out about the sweepstakes, they were kind enough to send me a fabulous “Discover
Your Dark Side in the New Year” kit for ONE
of mine to win!

The winning reader is going to be receiving: 

  • a bag of the NEW DOVE Promises
    Silky Smooth Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate
  • a bag of DOVE Promises Silky
    Smooth Dark Chocolate 
  • and TWO bottles of nail polish from Nicole by OPI, made
    exclusively for this sweepstakes. The polishes are “Promises In The Dark” and
    “Better After Dark”.

DOVE Chocolates and Nicole by OPI were kind enough to send
ME a pair of the polishes to enjoy, and enjoy them I have been!

After Dark” is the second polish, made EXCLUSIVELY for this campaign by none
other, then Nicole by OPI. While the chocolates will be available in stores
later this month, the polishes won’t be, so I hope you are entering both
contests daily to help your chances of winning!

I don’t know
this for sure, but I’d go out on a limb and say “Better After Dark” was
undeniably inspired by a gooey chocolate caramel blend. I mean come ON, look at
that color:

Naturally, I’m
drawn to the sparkly nature of the polish. And while I don’t normally wear
brown polishes, I honestly love both of them. This particular polish went on a
lot lighter then “Promises In The Dark”, but that was more than ok.

I think the
formula is a bit more liquid, and not as thick as “Promises In The Dark” is. It
wasn’t difficult to apply by any means, but I did end up using three coats to
get full opacity- which is hardly anything to call notice to in my opinion.

My favorite
aspect of this polish is the subtle but there effect the shimmer has in the
polish. As you move your fingers in and out of various lighting, the polish
reflects the light different and creates various amounts of shimmer and shine,
and I love it!
Don’t forget to
enter both contests daily for optimal chances to win!

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What do you think
of this pretty polish? Would you give it a try if you had it?

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