Best Of: Nail Art {Weekly Link Party}

Welcome to the 37th  “Best Of: Nail Art” link party of 2014! It is my hope that this will be the place you will come to share the posts you are most proud of, and see the creations that other nail artists have shared as well.

The rules are pretty simple. 1 look per person per week- NAIL ART ONLY! Want more details about how to share your work? Check out THIS POST or click the first link down below. If you can link to it, you can share it!

Any questions? Feel free to ask away in the comments down below, or get in touch with me through any of my social media sites (see the top right of the page for links!).

See the best of last week’s nail art HERE

Want even MORE nail art? If you haven’t heard yet, I’ve just launched a new site: Random Nail Art! It’s 100% nail art, shared by bloggers all over the world. Think of inspiration from Pinterest, with the functionality of StumbleUpon. Better yet, just come check it out!

I invite all bloggers interested in sharing their work to email me at sparklysharpfabulous @ gmail . com . All you need to do is provide the links to the direct posts you’d like to share. I’ll take it from there!

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