Back To School Nail Art Roundup

Hello Darlings!

I’ve put together some of my favorite back to school nail art designs for you to enjoy! I’m really loving all of these YouTube videos that help walk you through the process better.

LuvableNails’ Back To School Nail Art:

Pretty Polishes holds two spots in my favorites list. One for her Lined Paper Nail Art:

And also for her Pencil Inspired Nail Art:

Ms. RED the nail tech also has some math inspired notebook paper nail art:

Robinmosesnailart has a fantastic back to school nail art that is also great for graduation/reunions:

StaceysNailCandies on YouTube also has notebook paper inspired nails, but with doodles:

Linda165 has a an Easy Ruler video tutorial:

xoJahtna’s Back To School Nails:

Composition Book Back to School Nail Art by snadimpali24:

Nail Art Tips and Tricks pencil inspired Back to School Nail Art:

Kathylouee’s Cute Apple Nail Tutorial:

Meliney’s Argyle Plaid Nail Art Design:

D.I.Y Cute Nails’ Pencil Nails:

SimpleNailArtDesigns Back to School Nail Art:

What is your favorite back to school nail art look?

The Sparkle Queen

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