Are you on Pinterest Yet?

Hello Hello!

I just wanted to extend an invitation to everyone to come and join me and lots of other wonderful, creative people to Pinterest!

It is a place where you can find all sorts of great inspiration, ideas, tutorials as well as calming images and words. Plus, you can save the ones you like and organize them into your own categories! (All free, and who doesn’t mind free!?!)

Check out my personal page here ! You can see I have many different boards for all of my interests such as nail art, creative make up, DIY, gifts, holidays, future home projects….a little bit of everything!

The more people you follow, the more images are delivered to your home page! The search option is GREAT for looking up projects that you may be thinking about attempting soon or new recipes you may want to try for the upcoming holiday season! Also, you aren’t obligated to follow every board from someones page. You can choose to follow the boards that are more your style!

 If you join, or already are a member, I’d love to see your boards and follow you! Get a hold of me through here, or Facebook so I can see your pins!

Hope you see you there!

The Sparkle Queen
**** All opinions are of my own, and mine alone. I do not receive any form of payment or endorsement of Pinterest. I’m just spreading the joy around!****

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