Almond Banana Primal Pancakes – 3 Ingredients!

Hello Darlings!
I wanted to share with you this SUPER EASY pancake recipe I
just tried out last night. It was originally posted by The Primal Blueprint
author Mark Sisson on his website, Mark’s Daily Apple.  I’ve been using his site more and more
frequently since I learned earlier this summer (and after a few hospital
visits) that I am undoubtedly allergic to wheat and gluten.
More importantly, this is a 3 ingredient, flourless pancake recipe!
It was ridiculously easy.  You need bananas,
an egg and almond butter. If you are feeling as adventurous as I was, you can
add the recommended vanilla extract and cinnamon. And you will love it. (Here is the link!)
I’m sure you can substitute cashew butter, or probably even
peanut butter to suit whatever you have on hand. I used a crunchy almond butter
that I had on hand.
Mine, were not that pretty, but that’s ok because they only
lasted about two seconds before practically getting inhaled into my belly. They honestly smelled SO good, I totally forgot about taking pictures. 
I do advise you to keep them small, and cook them in a
non-stick pan if possible. Other than that, they were pretty straight forward
and ridiculously easy to make.
Would you give these a try?
The Sparkle Queen

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