A Simple Thanksgiving at Home


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Happy Thanksgiving!
This week’s event design is a super toned down, and DIY friendly
(especially compared to last week’s wedding extravaganza) concept!
A Simple Thanksgiving at Home : The Sparkle Queen Events
First things first; outside décor! Line the walkway to the
front door with these pretty pumpkins, as photographed by
Charlotte Geary
. Perhaps THE most important aspect of Thanksgiving, after
the food of course, is the table! Pretty floral designs with loaded pumpkins are a
fantastic addition to any setting. A pretty cornucopia with sprawling gourds
and mini pumpkins adds height, texture, and color. And a few yellow squashes
with your autumn napkins can combine to create this beautiful thanksgiving
turkey fold
. Danielle’s
Corner from Etsy
created the thanksgiving tablecloth pictured above. Make
sure to include these handmade ceramic owl salt and pepper shakers made by Artsylois
from Etsy
Now, the table is pretty and ready to go, so let’s bring on
the food! While guests are mingling and before dinner is served, put out a few
bowls of fresh South
Carolina Pecans by Swiss Miss Dairy from Etsy
. You can also make a fruit
and cheese turkey to leave on display by making skewers and fanning them into a
squash or gourd on its side. You probably already have traditional Thanksgiving
food in mind, so I won’t worry too much about that, but don’t be afraid to mix
up the desserts and drinks! How about a pumpkin
, perfect for dessert time!  And if you have adventurous adults in
attendance, make a batch of these cardamom honey caramel pears, made
by Not Without Salt
. Depending on where you live, and how cold it is, these
Pecan Pie Sundaes may actually be a refreshing twist on the classic pecan pie!
Down here in the south, we could easily get away with ice cream; up north
however, not so much.  My
Baking Addiction shared this recipe
As a hostess, you can’t just leave the rest of the house
un-decorated after creating such a beautiful table! Leave these pumpkin pie
scented soaps by Sonoran
Breeze on Etsy
in your guest bathroom.  An extra blank space on the wall could be
decorated with the copper leaves garland by Arts
found on Etsy.  This garland,
if hung correctly, would make for an excellent photo backdrop for guests to
pose in front on. If you are going all out, you should consider getting these
printable thanksgiving photo booth props
by Paper and Cake from Etsy.
After everyone is full and ready for a nap, it’s likely some
guests may be headed home to do just that. Send them on their way with these
cute cornucopia treats shared by The
Craft Patch
The Sparkle Queen Events
This event is designed by The Sparkle
Queen Events. Image sources are hyperlinked in the text for easier
As with all Sparkle Queen Events, I
want to inspire you to make your event extra special. While many of the items I
include in my event designs are tutorials, recipes, or handmade… use your
imagination! Sometimes you can’t make everything yourself, or you can make
things that you could buy, but the key is to find the right balance for you and
your event, and strive to make it exceptional! 

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