A sad goodbye, but a cheerful hello!

The sad stuff:
Today you may notice something missing on the blog. Since October
of 2012 I have been sharing weekly inspiration board that I have created, right
here on the blog. You may know the series as “The Sparkle Queen Events”. I’ve
covered luxurious high end events, to DIY weddings, baby shower ideas, holiday
festivities and everything in-between.  If
you aren’t familiar with my work, you can see all of my design boards I’ve
shared to date in the “Parties, Weddings and Events” tab up at the top of the
Last week was my last official inspiration board from The
Sparkle Queen Events.
It was a difficult decision to make, but I think you will
agree with me when you hear why I chose to discontinue the series. There were
really two contributing factors to this decision: The first being  that I felt that I was developing two sets of
readers, one for my wedding and event designs and ideas, and the others for my
nail art and diy projects.
The other part was me! I love events, working events,
planning events, everything events. I love them so much, that I am getting
ready to open my own business in the Central Florida Area.
The good news:
While I am working on establishing my business, I’ve decided
I don’t want to stop sharing my ideas and inspiration with you …..and on that
I warmly welcome you
to check out my new site, Unique
Pastiche Events
, where you can continue to see my ideas and inspiration
boards, as well as all of my new endeavors in the wonderful world of events!

If you have enjoyed seeing my work, I invite you over to Unique
Pastiche Events
make sure to subscribe and follow me to your heart’s
content as I continue to follow my dreams and passions.
But what about the other stuff? Don’t worry, I’m still going
to be updating this blog! The Sparkle Queen will remain up and running, and the
focus will be on all things nail art and DIY.
Thank you so much for those who have supported my weekly
event series here on The Sparkle Queen! Your support means so much to me, and I
hope you continue to follow my creations over on Unique Pastiche Events.

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