A Fairy Party for Little Girls


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Parties are fun, sure, but throw her a Fairy Party, and she’s
going to have a blast! Fairy parties are PERFECT for little girls of all ages,
not to mention versatile. You can use them for birthday party themes, or just
really amp up any slumber party.
There are three things that you need to pull
off a good fairy party:
  1. Glitter
  2. Fruit
  3. Sweets


This is not the party to expect the little ones to eat their
veggies. They want sugar and glitter. So don’t go crazy worrying about what
dish to serve things in, or get some $8 a cupcake decorated treats. Cute food
is good, but they are barely going to notice all the intricate details. Basics
are all you need. That is why fruit is a great compliment. It’s somewhat
healthy, and is already colorful and easy to spruce up into any event theme.
So set up a table for the kids at their height, grab some
wood bowls and glitter, and you are good to go!
I think a fun activity to have at these parties would be to
decorate their own fairy wands, or their special fairy wings. Something fun,
sparkly and can be done inside or outside is a major plus.


A Fairy Party for Little Girls
Images & Ideas from:
Pink Piñata by inchmark
Toadstool Mushroom Chair by Royalkane
on Etsy
DIY Flower Balloons tutorial by Studio
Fabric Butterfly Wings – sold
by Magic Cabin
Lavender Lemonade by This
Mama Makes Stuff
Fluffy Pink Punch by Enchantresses
Fairy Food ideas shared by Clear
Fairy Toadstool Treats by Itsy
Fairy Bubbles and Favors shared by Shindig


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