A Christmas Wedding {In Plaid}


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Thanksgiving is done, and it is nearly December….so do you
know what that means? It’s officially “the season”, and I cannot tell you how excited
I am about it! My passion is doing themed events (as you might have noticed)
and my favorite time of the year is Christmas, which means the two combined… well,
let’s just say I love it!
This week’s event is a magical Christmas wedding, done with
beautiful plaid and woodsy accents. This is for the couple that really enjoys
the holiday season, but doesn’t want to go “full Santa was here” on their
wedding. It is tasteful, and still seasonal. The focus of this event is the natural
splendor of the winter season.
A Christmas Wedding {In Plaid} by The Sparkle Queen Events


People can’t come if you don’t invite them, so let’s get to
the invitations! These rustic plaid flannel cards by PaperDiamondDesign
of Etsy
would be perfect for this event. You could send them out the
Christmas before (standard invitation time is a year to six months before the
event date) or have them be a combined Christmas card and a Save The Date. Seal
off the envelopes with these stickers by
The Pink Dillo of Etsy
Let’s start with the ceremony… This part is a little tricky
to plan out because so many different parts of the country have different
weather conditions this time of year! For this event, I am envisioning whatever
part of the country where it is cool enough to have an outdoor ceremony,
without freezing the guests! If you were looking to go the extra mile, have a
little table with a basket full of these fur muffs by
Belle Haven of Etsy
on hand for guests to use during the ceremony.  And you can’t let the guys freeze! Maybe get a
handful of these lovely cream scarves by Scarfwears from Etsy so the guys have something to wear. Additionally, you could pick up
some assorted gloves of various sizes from the store.  If there is a ring bearer for this wedding,
this pillow by
LavenderPosy from Etsy
is a must!


The main aisle has so much potential! I love the idea of
having these beautiful Christmas swags by Festive
on Etsy hanging from a nice outdoor plant hanger. These would hang at
a similar fashion to those on the edges of a pew indoors.  Leading up to where guests would be seated, these
would make for a more whimsical, magical walk way.  You could also add these festive
luminaries by The Homeless Finch
along the entrance to wherever you were
holding the wedding ceremony, to light the path to the seating. Alternatively,
they could be used to decorate the outside of the reception location.  And while we are on the topic of other outdoor
décor, I really love these green and plaid gifts
that have lights on them! I found this random pin on Pinterest, but am having a
hard time tracking down the original post.
Christmas Luminaries
Christmas Luminaries
Wherever the reception is held, I would love to hand this
vinyl photography backdrop, by
Swanky Prints from Etsy
, so guests could take their photos in front of it. And
while we are getting started on the reception, this cute red and green plaid
basket would be a fantastic addition to the gift table. It is made by
Suzanne Medrano of Etsy
, and the couple could hold cards in it that night,
but then reuse it in the future as a functional part of their home Christmas décor.
A warm, home-like buffet set up would be appropriate for
this event. A nice spread of hearty foods is a must! I love this pinecone like cheese balls,
so festive! This holly and plaid beverage server by
Artistictini of Etsy
would look great on the food table! Maybe even fill it
with a nice cider? So many great options.
Christmas Pine-cone Cheese Ball
The food on the table is important, but so are the little
details in the decoration! Add some of these lighted Christmas Gift block
decoration by
SummerSmiles of Etsy
for height and texture, plus some accent lighting!
Adding a few of these beautiful wood centerpieces by Natural
Xpressions of Etsy
, perhaps between serving dishes, will really spruce up
the buffet spread.
Guests can dine on simple, but beautiful tables. I really
think this
plaid tablecloth
would be a simple but effective way to decorate the table.
Simple chinaware and glasses would really make it pop. You can continue to
incorporate the plaid with these Christmas Crackers by
LeSnootyFox of Etsy
.  If you really
want to continue the plaid look, one route would be to decorate the backs of
the chairs with these beautiful bows by
Greentraderllc of Etsy
. To make it extra special, you could just use these
bows as accents for the chairs are the bridal table.  These ivory napkins with plaid accents by
Nurdanceyiz of Etsy
will make a great addition to the table.
These holiday centerpieces by
SmokyMtnWoodcrafts of Etsy
would be breathtaking and elegant on each table.
From my experience, these days your traditional wedding cake is considered the
minimum for dessert time! Guests really seem to enjoy having options for
desserts, and what better time of the year is there to indulge, than the winter
season? Picture a plateful of these plaid Christmas stocking sugar cookies by
Guilty Confections of Etsy
with a nice glass of milk. And it isn’t Christmas
without the gingerbread! So make sure to get enough of these Gingerbread Deer
Cookies by
PFConfections of Etsy
as well! Another option is to get your hands on some
of these cute Reindeer Smores packs by
Craftyannam of Etsy
to send home with guests as little favors.  Consider packaging them in these Christmas sachets
Wyld Design of Etsy
With some warm drinks, and some festive music, this event
has all of the makings of a great night!
Tomorrow I will be sharing with you what I’d wear to this wedding. If you think you know just the right look to wear, please share it below, or on my Facebook page! Make an outfit in polyvore and share it on my wall, I’d LOVE to see it!
The Sparkle Queen Events
This event is designed by The Sparkle
Queen Events. Image sources are 
hyper-linked in the text for easier
As with all Sparkle Queen Events, I
want to inspire you to make your event extra special. While many of the items I
include in my event designs are tutorials, recipes, or handmade… use your
imagination! Sometimes you can’t make everything yourself, or you can make
things that you could buy, but the key is to find the right balance for you and
your event, and strive to make it exceptional! 

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  1. This would be the ultimate guide to any bride who is having a Christmas wedding. You nailed every detail and everything looks great together. Thanks for including my plaid stocking sugar cookies!

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