A Butterfly and a Rose {Nail Art}

It’s been three days since the Week Of Love
challenge has started. No casualties have been reported yet. However signs of
beginner free hand painting have been spotted on multiple sightings.  Must proceed with caution.
End log.
Today’s challenge: roses!
I realize that it was given to us in a plural sense, but you
know what? That just wasn’t going to happen. I’m still learning my free hand
painting, and well one rose was more than enough of a challenge, let a long a
whole manicures worth!

Yes, I do realize that my butterfly is a bit….let’s say “abstract”.
In my head I had this vision for pretty, fluttery heart shaped wings and it
would be delicately floating down to a beautiful rose. And while it didn’t
happen, I at least got to practice my free hand work right?

Hopefully it is not the worst rose you’ve ever seen on

The other nails got two coats of Nicole By OPI’s Promises In
The Dark with two coats of Princess Glamour’s “Blossom”.

You can still join in if you want! Tomorrow is hearts, and I
can’t wait to see what everyone shares.
See what all the other nail artists created for this

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    1. Haha well I figured the only way I'm going to get better at my free hand is if i practice. Yeah, the butterfly went a lot better in my head, but most of my nail art does lol. I'm glad you enjoyed them!

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