$8 + 8 Minute Halloween Thrift Store Table Decor - Set Up in Real Time

$8 + 8 Minute Halloween Thrift Store Table Decor – Set Up in Real Time

We’re keeping things short and sweet today. If you are looking at this post you are probably getting down to the wire with putting together a quick and easy look on your home table for Halloween. And if you are reading this, hopefully you know that this look is another entry into my 2017 tablescape challenge where I try as often as I can to create great tablescapes for my home, based along a few key essentials, and a lot of awesome thrift store finds. This tablescape is no exception. In fact, not only was this tablescape largely based on items already used earlier in this tablescape challenge, but it only took me 8 minutes to put together. That’s right, 8 minutes. Simple. Easy. Adorable. That’s what I was going for with this Halloween table decor, and I’d say I did a great job.

Thrift store place mats for halloween with double napkins by A Sparkly Life for Me

Top down look at my 2017 thrift store halloween tablescape

Thrift store halloween table decor by A Sparkly Life for Me

Want to see how this thrift store Halloween table decor came together? Watch how easy this is to do with my step by step video showing you how I placed all these elements together, and why:

Pretty easy right?

Black and orange halloween table decor with gel beads with thrift store decor by A Sparkly Life for Me  Thrift store place mats for halloween by A Sparkly Life for Me  Easy tablescape for halloween using thrift store decor and orange gel beads by A Sparkly Life for Me

Now let’s talk money. Did it really only cost me $8 to put this look together?

  • Black poly tablecloth – purchased on Amazon, but used SO MANY TIMES. Just look at my recent Halloween marble look
  • Black poly napkins – purchased on Amazon, used in a number of looks shared so far, but highlighted in my goth valentine’s day table decor
  • Orange napkin rings – recently picked up at the thrift store and also used in my Halloween marble look
  • Black votive candles – another thrift store find, recently used in my Jungle for Two tablescape
  • Dark orange napkins – found a set of 6 napkins from pier 1 at goodwill for only $2
  • Set of glass goblets – I picked up a whole set of glass goblets at goodwill for $3,
  • Black and orange plaid Halloween place mats – picked up a set of 4 at Goodwill earlier in the year for just $1
  • Floating votive candle glass holder – picked up a set of 4 for $2 at a local estate sale
  • Floating candles – reused from many a centerpiece, including my unicorn tablescape

I bet you’d never guess that this easy, last minute table decor only cost me about $8 to make, but it did!

How To Thrift Store Halloween Table Decor by A Sparkly Life for Me

$8 + 8 Minute Halloween Thrift Store Table Decor - Set Up in Real Time

What do you think of this cheap and easy table decor for Halloween?

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