80+ Spring & Easter Nail Art List: Part TWO

Hello Darlings!
It has been brought to my attention from a fellow Pinterestaholic, that Pinterest has a limit to how many photos on a site that it will recognize! I had NO idea! So apparently, as I have been adding to the original Spring and Easter Nail Art Ideas list, you have not been able to pin all of the photos and videos you liked! Grrrr at you Pinterest! Grr at you! For future reference: it seems as though the Pinterest “pin it” widget in your browser, will recognize about 62 images per page, and make them available to be pinned. And now you know.
Unfortunately, some of the original 77 Easter and spring nail art ideas on the original post will not be easy to pin.

80+ Spring & Easter Nail Art List: Part TWO

SO, in an effort to try and make sure everyone can pin what they love (and not have anyone be “unpinnable”), I will be posting all of the newest inspirations I find to this post!
Right now I currently have the following categories on the original post:
  1. Spring Flowers
  2. Spring Showers
  3. Pastel Love
  4. Cute Critters & Animals
  5. Spring Water Marbling
  6. Easter Nail Art

I will continue to add to these categories on this post, as they get submitted!

*** 2013 Update: PLEASE READ***

Hello everyone joining us from Pinterest! If you are looking for additional lists like this, for other holidays, please check out my NAIL ART PAGE at the top of this blog to see all of my lists and nail art designs! 

Also, I am giving away a complete set of my Princess Glamour: Shimmery Spring collection in a 2013 Nail Art Contest. Check out all the details here!


MORE Flower Nail Art Designs:

NailArtDesigns21512 Spring Flowers Nail Art:
SnowWhiteIsBack’s Daisy Nail Art:
MissCutesyPolish’s  Spring Flowers Nail Art Tutorial:
Acrylic Paint based SpringTime Nail Art Tutorial by bunnbaby:

For those more advanced, check out Cajanails’ Elegant Spring Design:

MORE Spring Showers Nail Art Designs:

MORE Pastel Nail Art Designs:

Jems From Jenny’s Pastel Easter Weekend Mani:

Sugar N Spice Spring Nails by MissJenFABULOUS:

Pixiepolish’s Pastel Chevron, Stripe & Polka Dot Nail Art Tutorial:

MORE Spring Animals Nail Art Designs:

MORE Water Marble Nail Art Designs:

Spring Marbled Nails by simplichic:

MORE Easter Themed Nail Art Designs:

The Pursebuzz’s Easter Bunny Rabbit Nail Tutorial (Pics & Videos!):
Nail Newbie’s Easter Egg Hunt Nail  Design:
Please continue sending me nail art you come by! Post it below in comments, or via Facebook or Pinterest! More importantly, send me pictures of how YOUR designs came out! Tell your friends to submit as well!

The Sparkle Queen

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    1. You are so welcome! Hope you had a fantastic Easter with loved ones 🙂
      Also, if you are making any summer looks, make sure to post the link here or my FB page, I think I will be putting together a summer list as well. I'd love to include you in it 🙂

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