$6 Candy Corn Inspired Marble Nails for Autumn/Fall

Hello Darlings!

Happy Autumn! I don’t know about where you live, but we are CELEBRATING  down here in Florida! We have been pretty consistently in the 90s for ages it seems, and this is what we have to look forward to this week:

In honor of our non-sweatering-melt-when-you-walk-out-the-door-and-drip-in-humidity weather, I have decided to do another round of marble nails inspired by candy corn and beautiful fall and autumn colors, all for $6 dollars!

Take a look! I need to do a tad more cleaning up, but I just HAD to share with you! I love them!

I used some of the $1 Sinful Nail Polishes from Walgreens. I used “#112 Tokyo Pearl” as my base (the pearly white). I know some of the instruction videos on the internet teaching nail marbling art say you need to do 10+ drops, but I kept my simple.  I have a picture below of all the polishes I used.

I dropped:
  1. 1.       One drop of the “#112 Tokyo Pearl” white,
  2. 2.       One drop of the “#928 Let’s Meet” yellow, second to last on the left
  3. 3.       One drop of the “832 This Is It” shimmer on the third in from the left
  4. 4.       One drop of the “#853 Cloud 9” orange on the far right
  5. 5.       One drop of the “#30 Country Orange” which is more like a red color, second from last on the right
  6. 6.       Repeat the above one more time, without the “832 This Is It” shimmer on the third in from the left for the best contrast.

I just gave it a quick swirl of random spur of the moment design and that was it!

I topped them off with a top coat of “#921 All About You”, pictured as the glittery gold or copper bronze color in the middle right , to seal it off.

They look absolutely adorable out in the sun. I think these are great because they aren’t too in your face orange-y , but still give off that fun candy corn vibe. These have such a great shimmer to them and look amazingly shiny and sparkly in the sun!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my candy corn inspired nail marble art! Will you be doing your nails in an autumn theme? I can’t wait to see them, so share them with me on Facebook!!!

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

The Sparkle Queen

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