70+ Spring & Easter Nail Art Ideas: Part ONE

Hello Darlings!
I know, officially, it is not spring yet…BUT it feels like spring where I am! And what does this mean? Spring and Easter Nail Art! I have put together a compilation of over 50 inspirational nail art ideas.  My goal was to have this be a starting list, if you will, of all spring and Easter themed nail art ideas. I also put a heavy emphasis on getting nail art that was RECENT, either had a tutorial or video (some sort of INSTRUCTIONS) and was something I would like to try! There are a few that were just too darn awesome (or hard to track down their original site) that are just pictures only.I am trying to make sure I include all of the links to the websites I found them at as possible, but some are harder than others to find! IF you see one missing and know it’s original site, let me know! Obviously I did not make or come up the majority of these designs, and am not in any way taking credit! Just wanting to share these beautiful creations with the rest of the nail art community out there.

We are now at over 70 designs and growing!

Spring & Easter Nail Art Ideas & Inspirations


What I would LIKE to have happen with this list……Obviously I hope it inspires you to make some awesome nail art designs this season. I would LOVE to see what you come up with, so please post them on Facebook or tag me on Pinterest so I can see!
Before we get to the pictures, let me just say this: I plan on continuing updating this post as I see new videos and tutorials for awesome nail art that fits this criteria. So, if you see any nail art out there on the web that you think would be an awesome addition to this ongoing list, PLEASE post below or on my Facebook wall and I will be sure to add it! The more the merrier (and shinier)! Ok, ok, less talk more pics!
I have broken all of the ideas down into categories for your viewing pleasure, so keep on scrolling!Right now I currently have the following categories:

  1. Spring Flowers
  2. Spring Showers
  3. Pastel Love
  4. Cute Critters & Animals
  5. Spring Water Marbling
  6. Spring Dot Art
  7. Easter Nail Art
…..So there is something for everyone!!
***2013 Update: PLEASE READ***

Hello everyone joining us from Pinterest! If you are looking for additional lists like this, for other holidays, please check out my NAIL ART PAGE at the top of this blog to see all of my lists and nail art designs! 

Also, I am giving away a complete set of my Princess Glamour: Shimmery Spring collection in a 2013 Nail Art Contest. Check out all the details here!



Part TWO:


Pretty flowers from Ruby’s Nails!
Flower Field Nail Art by Wacky Laki
Land of Spring Flowers from youtube user toxicomana81
Colorful Floral Spring Nail Tutorial from Afterfiveee on youtube

Spektor’s Nails has beautiful roses as inspiration:
The Nail Newbie’s Purple Crumpet Spring nail look:
I couldn’t resist, I had to include this other post from The Nail Newbie’s Cherry Blossom post:
And perhaps one of my favorite flower tutorial videos yet, the California Poppies by youtube user Luvable Nails.
Whale’s Nails  Floral Step Nails:
Fancy Phalanges Texas Blue Bonnets:
Nailpolish Is My Crack’s (not so failed!) Robin Moses Replica:
Adventures In Acetone’s pretty flowers:
Jems from Jenny’s Purple Floral Panache!
Robin Moses SUPERCUTE Spring Daisies Nail Art Tutorial:
Art Of Nail’s Peacock Flowers Nail Art:
Luvablenails posted a beautiful Spring Flowers Crocus tutorial:
YouTube user BognaW’s Spring Awakening Nail Art Tutorial:
Pixiepolish’s Springtime Daisy Nail Art:

Cherry Blossom Tree Nail Art Tutorial by Makeupkatie95:

A  quick Rain Drop Nail Art Tutorial by youtube user pinkTwilight101
Rainy Day Nail Art tutorial video by youtube user RealAsianBeauty
Rain Drops Nail Art tutorial also on youtube by user Miss80Million
Liquid Jelly has beautiful posted nails, Rain, Rain Go Away as inspiration:
Elle-Hime has a Happy Stormcloud tutorial that is also super cute, AND has glitter!
Ruby Nail’s  post “Dreaming of Spring” is also perfect!
Tarts N Talons Rhinestone Clouds:
Youtube user dollysprinkle shared her tutorial using pastel nail polish:
Steph’s Closet has pretty stripe nail art in pastels on shorter nails:
Cotton Candy Blog has a simple but fresh Spring Nail French Manicure
Chloe’s Nails  has some beautiful  pastels with glitter, whats not to love?!
Persistently Glittery’s Pastel Patchwork:
SimoMarshmellow’s pretty Spring Nail Art:
Pastel Flowers from  Polish Me Lovely:
Shilby’s Diaries Sugar Spring Nail Art:
Polish Infatuated’s Rainbow Nails:
Youtube user xsangelsx has a great video of Spring Butterflies with Daisies!
Youtube user robinmosesnailart just posted a pretty and easy tutorial making white butterflies:
Pixie Polish’s Dragonfly Dreams:
Cosmetic Cupcakes Bumblebee manicure:
The Polished Momma’s Spring Birds and Flowers:


Chalkboard Nails Sheep Nail Art Tutorial:
Etsy User Nevertoomuchglitter’s Lady Bug Nail Art:
Spellbinding Nails Doe Nail Art:
Nails and Stuff Shannara’s Spring Nail Art:
Mad Manis’ Sheep Nails:
Earthworms by Robin Moses:
User Eico’s on Makeup Alley’s Duckies:
Nails Like Lace’s Spring Critters:


The woman who has taught me everything I know about water marbling, Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures has some perfect inspiration and GREAT videos:
Okay Now Joy also has some water marble is fantastic colors:
Nailutopia’s Spring Water Marble:


(If you need a quick DIY dot art tool to use, check out my post on how to make one yourself with things you probably already have on hand!)
The Polished Momma’s Dippin Dots Nail Art:


Happy Nails’s Pink Polka Dots:
My very own  Spring Nail Dot Art:
Polish Art Addictions Down with Dots:
The Lacquer Files Dots and Spots:
Spektor’s Nails has some pretty gradient dot nail art:
Beauty Gala’s Dot Art for Easter:


Several of these were some of the ones that either didn’t really have a tutorial, or was hard to find an original site! Still great ideas though!
Pretty Easter Bunnies Nail Art from 365 Days of Nail Art:
Kawaii Nail Art’s Bunny Nails:
From Daniiball – Collection of Cute:
Emily’s Nail Files Easter Manicure:
PrettyFulz Peep Bunny Easter Nail Art:
Nailutopia Easter Nail Art:
Random Easter Manicure on Favim.com:
Cosmetic Cupcake’s Easter Manicure:
Nailsymo Teeny Tiny Bunny Nail Art:
Emily’s Nail Files Cadbury Eggs Tutorial:
Juliatmll’s GORGEOUS Easter Egg Basket Nail Art Tutorial:
Simple Easter Chick Nails by TotallyCoolNails:
Please continue sending me nail art you come by! Post it below in comments, or via Facebook or Pinterest! More importantly, send me pictures of how YOUR designs came out!
The Sparkle Queen

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    1. Of course! You are so talented 🙂 I'm going to be doing concepts like this for the summer, 4th of July, etc so if you have more you want included just post them on Facebook and I'll add 'em to my list!!

  1. Thanks for featuring me! I'm doing a spring challenge so there'll be lots of spring and easter nail art on my blog in the next few weeks x

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