$4 Blue/green/gold and glitter – Water Marble Nail Art

Oh, how I DO love
a good sale!
Last week I shared with you that Walgreen’s weekly sale
included Sinful Nail Polish for just $0.99 a bottle! I absolutely LOVE Sinful
polishes to begin with for their fantastic color range, but they are also great
for water marbling! Look at my marble manicure created only from Sinful
$4 Blue/green/gold and glitter – Water Marble Nail Art 

$4 Blue/green/gold and glitter – Water Marble Nail Art 
I did this water marble a LITTLE different. That pretty
blue-green glitter is actually the base color coat. None of that polish was
involved in the actual marbling process.  I actually incorporated using a clear top coat
in the marbling process between the color drops to spread the colors apart.
$4 Blue/green/gold and glitter – Water Marble Nail Art 
So for example, I would do a drop of the Tokyo Pearl white,
a drop of a clear coat, a drop of the gold glitter polish, a drop of the clear
polish, than a drop of the solid gold/yellow color, and continue that way.
It couldn’t have been an easier marble as far as I can tell.
I love this technique and will hopefully trying it again soon. More
importantly, all of these polishes were $4. And they are full sized bottles! I
could easily do this manicure ten more times with the same colors before even
running low.
$4 Blue/green/gold and glitter – Water Marble Nail Art 
Colors I used:
Sinful “Kissy” #1102 (Blue/green glitter base)
Sinful “All About You” #921 (Gold glitter)
Sinful “This Is It” #832 (Solid gold/yellow color)
Sinful “Tokyo Pearl” #112 (Pearly white)
A clear top coat
What do you think about this method of water marbling?
The Sparkle Queen

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