10 Tips and Tricks for a Better Water Marble

A few weeks ago I shared a video with you about how to
improve your water marble nail art. I really wanted you to have a go-to video
you could troubleshoot some of the most basic problems of water marble nail art
with. But since then I’ve been thinking….

Not everyone is a video person! Some people like to see
things written out. So, to better help EVERYONE get a fantastic water marble
manicure, I’ve typed them up.
10 Tips and Tricks for a Better Water Marble
So without further ado, my 10 Tips and Tricks for a Better
Water Marble
  1. Prepare Your Nails
    1. Think Basecoats/ Tapes/ Basecolor
  2. Prepare Your Work Area
    1. Clean Surfaces/No dust or hair
  3. Loosen Your Polishes
    1. You know you’ve forgotten a few times!
  4. Get Your Supplies Out
    1. Think cotton swabs, remover and paper towels
  5. Let Your Water Sit
    1. It needs to be ROOM TEMPERATURE!
  6. Get Your Top Coat Out
    1. Don’t forget to loosen it too!
  7. Plan Your Day
    1. Don’t even THINK about doing the dishes or washing the dog after
  8. Get Back Up Polishes
    1. You never know which polish is going to marble well
  9. Ventilation and Safety
    1. Water marble nails are awesome, but not enough to hurt yourself over!
  10. Practice with an accent nail!
    1. If you aren’t sure you can do ALL of your fingers, why not try have an accent nail?  
If you missed the video version of this, you can check it
out here:

What tips do you recommend that I forgot to add to the list?

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  1. I have the very best luck with distilled water. My marbles go much easier since I started using it. I also have the best luck with the waxy-coated 5 oz dixie cups. Perfect size for spreading and dipping. Tape for around your fingers and a scissors to snip it off.

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